The phrase Screen time affects in children has gained popularity as parents have become more concerned about the detrimental consequences of introducing screens to young children and having them spend excessive time in front of the screen.

 Negative effects of screen time on child development

  1. A child’s sense of self may suffer as a result.
  2. It might hinder a child’s developing attention span.
  3. Excessive screen time could affect your mood. Studies have linked the use of technology excessively to depression.
  4. Being immersed in technology can raise your child’s risk of damage.

Screen time affects children brain development more than electronic media. Playing and interacting with parents or other children could help kids to learn more effectively. To a child’s physical growth try to play with your child, read them books, teach kindness, get involved, and beware of the child’s friends and the things they get up with them. 

Aside from that, remember that the quality of media exposure is more crucial than technology or screen usage time for the child. Some forms of screen time as material with music, moment, or story could be adventurous for children. Watching it with the child, parents could help them to understand what they are seeing and put it to use in the real world.

However, active screen time should replace by reading, playing, or problem-solving activities. Always keep track of what is being watched by kids to get more insights could be helpful if parents watch a few episodes with kids if it is a game they are addicted to, try to play with them. Learn more about how to decrease screen time in kids

Best ways to ensure what’s on the screen

  1. Before letting the child use or view the programs, games, or applications, play, watch, or use them yourself.
  2. Set a strict time limit for screens and digital applications.
  3. Choose interactive options for your youngster rather than one that needs them to do nothing but tap or stare at the screen.
  4. Filter online content with parental settings.
  5. Make sure your youngster can reach while watching a screen so you can keep an eye on their conduct.
  6. Discuss what you are watching on television with your child as you try to teach them about commercials and marketing.

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